Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Cold Weather Cycling Gear

What To Wear When Biking In Cold Weather

The weather here in Southern California has been cold these past couple of months making road biking and mountain biking a difficult task. So what's the best way to keep yourself warm during this time of year? There are several products and techniques that will allow you to continue enjoying that cycling experience even during the coldest weather. Let's get to the items you'll want to have during this season starting from head to toe.

Cold Weather Cycling Gear Featuring Specialized Products:

  1.  Insulated or fleece lined head band or full face mask (if needed). This will keep your head and ears warm.
  2.  Base layers under the jersey(available in sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve)
  3.  Long sleeve jersey
  4.  Arm warmers 
  5.  Cold Weather Gloves
  6.  Long cycling pants/tights/knickers
  7.  Leg warmers/ Knee warmers. These slide just under your biking shorts.
  8.  Wool cycling socks
  9.  Toe covers or full shoe covers.
All these items are great to have because it allows you to "layer" your clothing. During your bike ride, you can simply add and remove the layers of clothes to adjust to your body temperature and weather conditions to ensure the most comfortable ride.
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