Saturday, January 23, 2010

Types of Bicycle Trainers

How To Train With Your Bike Indoors

Too cold and wet to go for a bike ride outdoors? Well there's a solution. You can ride your bike in the comfort of you own home with a Bicycle Trainer. Bicycle Trainers allows you to simply convert your mountain or road bike into a stationary bicycle. Bicycle Trainers lock your bike into a stationary position while your rear wheel spins on a roller as you pedal. They offer numerous benefits. It's a great way to train when the weather outdoors isn't on your side. If your coming home late from the office and don't feel like taking your chances riding your bike in the dark, stick your bike on a trainer and go for that ride. You can even take a bike trainer with you on race day and warm up your legs before the start of your mountain bike or road bike race. This is a great tool to have if you are a cycling enthusiast.

Types of Bicycle Trainers

What's the best Bicycle Trainer to own? What are the differences? Today, trainers come with several different features and accessories. We will stick to the basics and compare the three different styles of bicycle trainers on the market today. I promise to keep it simple:

Best: Fluid Trainers - These are the quietest of the three. They offer the smoothest resistance with each pedal stroke and simulate riding on the road the best. Very, Very quiet and you'll be able to concentrate on your training rather than the noise of the roller.

Better: Mag (Magnetic) Trainer - Great balance of price and quality. This trainer uses a large magnet to create its resistance. Although not as quiet as a Fluid Trainer, a magnetic trainer is great to have for those cold and rainy days.

Good: Fan Trainer - This is the loudest of the three because it uses a small fan to create resistance. This will do the job for someone that needs a back up plan. Advantage? Price.

Visit your local bicycle shop to find out which bicycle trainer would work best for you and your needs.

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