Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to Sell Your Bike

Follow These Tips On How To Sell A Used Bike

Do you have a bike you are interested in selling? Want to make sure you get top dollar for that bike? Where’s the best place to sell a used bike? Here are some easy tips that will make sure you get the most money for your bike.

Selling Tip 1: Make sure the bike is clean and spotless.
This is the first thing a buyer will see and look at. Having a clean bike gives a good first impression of it. It will give a buyer more confidence when looking to purchase your bike. Invest some time cleaning the frame and all the drivetrain parts with a fine tooth brush. I would recommend having a local bike shop do the drivetrain cleaning as it can get pretty messy. They will be able to remove all the dirt and grime stuck in your chain and gears. This will greatly increase the value of your bike.

Selling Tip 2: Replace any broken, damaged or worn out parts.
Nobody likes to buy things that show major signs of wear or damage. Replacing tires, handlebar grips, broken or frayed cables will enhance the overall look of the bike make it more appealing.

Selling Tip 3: Tune it up!
Now that your bike is looking like new, it’s time to make it ride like a new one. If your buyer is local, they will more than likely want to take it for a test spin. Make sure all the gears, brakes, bearings and pivots are in good working order. If your buyer is not local, reassure them the bike has been recently tune up and in proper working condition. A perfectly functioning bike will create more interest to the buyer. If you are not able to make the necessary adjustment on your own, have your local bike shop perform the work that is needed. Click here for my tips on how to tune your bike in 10 minutes!

Selling Tip 4: Advertise on Craiglist and Ebay.
Advertise. There are many places to advertise and sell a used bike. The broader the region you advertise, the better the chances you’ll receive what you are asking for on the price. Start with bike forums or biking community websites. Craigslist and Ebay are also great places to start selling. When advertising, be accurate and descriptive. Provide as many pictures as possible. Show the bike from different angles along with close up photos so the buyer can see and read what they are buying.

Selling Tip 5: Determine its value.
Finally determine its value. Unfortunately there isn’t a “Kelly Blue Book” for used bicycles. The best way to determine its market value is to do some research on the internet. See what other sellers are advertising theirs for. If you can’t find the exact bike, find a similar one around the same year. Ask your local bike shop what they think would be a fair price.

Good luck selling that bike! See you on the trail!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bike Maintenance Tips

How to Tune Up Your Bike in Ten Minutes
Here are some important yet simple maintenance tips to follow when owning a mountain bike and will only take approximately ten minutes before each ride. Following these step will extend the life of your bike, prevent unnecessary costly repairs and increase the safety of the bike.

10 Minute Tune Up

Check tire air pressure - This needs to be checked before every ride with a pressure gauge. Tires are just like balloons, they lose air and should be inflated to the proper air pressure before every ride. Running too low of air pressure can affect handling and efficiency of the bike. Low pressure can also result in more pinch flats. Recommended tire pressure ranges can be found on the side wall of the tire.

Wipe Down Frame and Shocks, Inspect  - Using a Bike Wash or Frame Polish, wipe down the frame and shock seals. After the frame is clean, you'll be able to inspect it for any signs of cracks or damage. The same goes for the front fork and rear shock if you own a full suspension bike. Also keeping the shock seals clean will increase its performance and life.

Clean and Lubricate the Chain - Part of extending the life of the drivetrain is to keep the chain lubricated during each ride. This will prevent premature wear on the drivetrain parts and keep it running quiet with every pedal stroke. It's important to use chain lubricants sparingly. Applying less lube more often is better than applying more lube less often. Using too much will just result in a big greasy mess on all the drivetrain parts. Always wipe the excess off with a cloth rag after applying.

Check All Nuts and Bolts and Secure Wheels - All that off road riding can rattle things loose. Grab your multi-tool and check for any loose nuts or bolts. This includes checking the quick release skewers on the wheels.

Check Brakes and Shifting - Give the wheels a spin and check to see if the brakes are engaging properly. Check for any unusual rubbing or noise. Next check for proper shifting. Make sure you are able to shift into every gear smoothly. Please have your local bike shop make the necessary adjustment if needed.

Now your bike is safe and ready to hit the trail! Remember to practice these steps before each ride and you will greatly increase the life and fun factor of the bike.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New World Disorder 10: Dust And Bones DVD Review

Freeride Enterainment brings you the final chapter in the epic saga known as New World Disorder on DVD. Get yourself pumped up for your next ride with this must see video! Featuring the top moutain bikers, dirt jumpers and slopestylers from all around the world riding in the most unique locations. See riders such as Graham Agassiz, Darren Berrecloth, Gee Atherton, Brandon Semenuk and many more rip through the trails and take the term "defying gravity" to a whole new level. This DVD has everything from big mountain downhill runs to back-flip-360-double-tail-whips and all that crazy fancy s%$!. This is definitely one of the best mountain bike DVDs we have seen to date. Go to your local bike shop pick up your copy today. You won't be disappointed!