Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NEW RELEASE: Crank Brothers Kronolog Seatpost

All New Crank Bros. KRONOLOG

Meet Crank Brothers latest creation - they call it Kronolog. It is Crank Brothers first mechanical adjustable seatpost. What's so special about it? Did I mention it has 5 inches of infinite seat height adjustments!? Unlike other mechanical seat droppers which typically have fixed seat height positions when activated, the Crank Brothers Kronolog can be set in any seat height desired with the push of a button.


We got a first-hand look at the new Kronolog seatpost during a special event held at Rock N Road Cyclery, Laguna Niguel. At first glance it looks like any other adjustable seatpost on the market, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, there is none like it! Crank Brothers brings you an air assisted seatpost with the smooth actuation of a hydraulic system. This is the smoothest mechanical system we have ever encountered and still find it difficult to believe it is not hydraulic. The side to side play in the post is virtually eliminated which was very prominent in its predecessor. The remote cable is attached to the lower sleeve and not the seatpost head. This keeps the cable stationary when the seat moves up and down. The new seatpost also allows you to configure the cable to be routed facing forward or behind.  Kronolog can be set as 100mm or 125mm of travel by installing an internal spacer included with the kit. The remote lever is easy to reach and be setup with any shifter/brake lever combination.

We were very excited to see Crank Brothers evolve with their adjustable seatpost and get back into competition with their rivals. Kronolog seatposts are due to ship late March. Call your local bike shop to find out ETA’s.

Go to www.crankbrothers.com for more specs and details.

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